elcome to our home page! The Brake For Ducks campaign was conceived by Gina Marie Hall in 1993 as a means to protect our fine-feathered friends from the hazards brought upon them by often well-meaning visitors to our beautiful bay area. Feeding ducks has become a common pastime at the resorts, with some visitors and residents supporting entire flocks. But the activity is hurting the ducks more than it's helping them. Instead of staying in the marsh where they belong, the ducks waddle across heavily traveled highways for handouts. The end result is sad indeed; often entire families of ducks are killed on the roadway. Although feeding our ducks in now considered illegal and carries a heavy fine of $1,500 our Mallard friends are still being killed on our roads.

Brake For Ducks a non-profit organization dedicated to informing the public about how to protect our beautiful wildfowl population, and proceeds also go to the erection of duck crossing signs to prepare motorists for possible duck crossings in the roadways. We sell bumper stickers and crossing signs to tourists and locals. The list here will tell you where you can purchase ($1.00 donation) a Brake For Ducks bumper sticker. We also offer crossing signs that individuals can erect on their property if there is a need for motorist awareness nearby. What You Can Do.

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To find out more about the Brake For Ducks campaign,
or if you would like to make a worthwhile contribution,
e-mail us at gina@mgrafix.com or write
Gina Marie Hall
(302) 436-5254

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