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Community can help Brake For Ducks effort and duck braking tips

It's noise making time again. A few months of winter are left and soon it will be spring - a time of birth and renewal and the worst time for duck deaths on our roadways.
Anyone who respects the wonderful wildlife that we are able to experience every day is also aware of the tragedy of how many duck and ducklings are killed crossing our roads.
Maybe the readers have noticed duck crossing signs and bumper stickers recently. In the past year I have started a BRAKE FOR DUCKS campaign which has collected donations for road signs to place at high risk duck crossing areas in the Bethany-Fenwick area. With many thanks to the contributions and collection spots, we wre able to place six road signs last year.
Some people do believe you should BRAKE FOR DUCKS. Hopefully, with some more noise, more suport and more awareness, a difference can be made in 1995, too.
Some may feel that road signs area resultless effort. But if enough ar posted and enough noise is made, each person who sees or hears about "our ducs" just might thiink our community actually cares and will heed the warnings. From listening to all of you who he approached me about BRAKE FOR DUCKS, a lot of people feel the same way.
Here are some duck braking tips to know:

  • Ducks to most of their walking during mating season in the spring. They will not fly across the road at all during this time, so don't expect them to get out of the way.
  • Rainy days bring the ducks out, inviting them to wade in the warm waters on the road side.
  • Keep you eyes open and be a little more awae in the High Duck Crossing Areas. That's the best advice to anyone who wants to avoid an accident. The high risk areas are Route 54 in the vicinity of Mallard Lakes and Keenwick West; Route One from Bethany to Fenwick Island; and Kent Avenue, Pennsylvania Avenue and Jefferson Bridge Road in Bethany Beach.
  • When you see a duck crossing don't blow your horn or chase them; that just startles them. Try to brake or drive around and flash your lights as a warning to other drivers.
  • Don't feed the ducks, as hard as that may be. This only serves to draw them to people-infested areas and poses a greater risk of them being hit in traffic. And junk food is not a good diet for these creatures of the wild.

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