I Don't Just Brake; I Hydroplane

Early Friday morning on May 5, when it was miserable and pouring down rain, I was traveling east on Route 54. Admittedly I was not paying as much attention as I should have been when suddenly I looked up and 20 feet in front of me was one lone mallard male walking in the center of my lane. Without thinking I slammed on my brakes. As you can imagine, my wheels locked up and I went into a " Hail Mary-Hydroplane."

As I skidded diagonally into the marshy ditch, all I could see was that one lone mallard male -eye to eye! When the van finally stopped the first thing I did was look over to see if the duck had made it. I saw him waddling across the road like nothing had happened, and a sigh of relief rushed over me.

Thankfully, the driver behind me stopped and offered me a ride to Fenwick Texaco for a tow.

The worst thing about this whole incident was that Joe from Fenwick Texaco got drenched while towing me out. "Thanks, Joe."

I'm fine, the van if fine and the duck lives happily ever after. And I would do it again!

Gina Marie Hall
Fenwick Island, DE

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