What You Can Do...

I encourage everyone who can display a sign on their property near a high duck-crossing area to do so. The state will now allow signs to be erected on road sides that are state maintained but you are allowed to erect the sign on your property; like under your mailbox. I have tried putting over 20 different signs on very need roads like Route 54 and Route One. Only to have the state come and take them down. Signs must be erected in private areas like Keenwik or Mallard Lakes.

The only signs that the state will accept are those that they themselves put up. These signs are very expensive and must be paid for by the person requesting the sign. ($250.00 for a set of North/South or East/West) And unfortuneatly if the sign is stolen it must be paid for in full to replace.

Also I encourage you to display a "I BRAKE FOR DUCKS" bumper sticker. It is one way to spread the word and also in few cases may let the motorist behind you know that if you see a duck getting ready to cross, YOU ARE BRAKING.

Where you can get an "I Brake For Ducks" bumper sticker


(Actual Bumper Sticker, Not Actual Size)

$1.00 Donation plus postage or see the list above on where to pick one up.


also see Other Crossing Signs


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