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Chow Puppies were found with their mother off of Route 20 in Roxana. The nice guy who found them kept them for a couple of days till I could help find them permanent loving homes. They were so cute and irresistable that they were placed in less than 48 hours. These are beautiful innocent puppies, I don't understand people who dump dogs.



Was a stray puppy starved and scared, the people that found him couldn't keep him so I helped them by finding a foster home for him then posting his picture on I was able to find a great home for him. Here you see he is being treated like a real King.


Oreo and her family... Her owners moved away and left her at an abandoned house, she was tame but unspayed, she fended for herself for almost a year until I saw her and found a litter of kittens she had under the house. I found them when they were young. I caught two of the little babies, alittle early so they had to be weened by another FeLv negative mother until they were old enough to be adopted. The other two female kittens and mom, Oreo, seen in the picture, I worked with over time, caught them, had them spayed and found homes for them, Oreo has yet to be adopted.


Abby: we named her, a 6 month old puppy that was apparently dumped at an abandoned shack, on her own for at least 2 months, that is what her ribs and hip bones said. She was starving and starving for love and some one to care for her, her ears were chewed up from flies and smelled like she had been eating somethig dead for her meals. A real sweet loving dog.

She was cleaned up, taken to the vet, de-wormed, de-flead and given her shots and vitamins to boost her up from being malnurished. She was fostered and housebroken within a few weeks. She gained 9lbs. in the first week.

Finding the right person to take care of her was the next step and she was given a good home with some one who will love her forever, keep her healthy and take her to the BARK PARK!



1 Eye Momma - as I call her. She was abandoned by her owners who moved or ditched her on a country road. She was unspayed and had a litter of 7 kittens. They made a home under a shed. One night while protecting her young, she lost the battle, loosing her right eye and one of her babies.

Being a tame cat she befriended a guy who couldn't stand to see her suffer so he called me. Being part of Delmarva Cat Connection I gladly took her and her babies in.

to be continued....


Russel - Small, fragile and frightened. This little 15lb. dog was running the roads for 3 weeks. Many people tried to get the little guy but he would run whenever someone approached. I saw him sleeping in a ditch on the side of a very busy road . I quickly went and got my trap and moved it to where he was hanging out. I baited the trap with tasty treats and waited. It took from 9AM until 1PM for him to finally give in. Once trapped he was so scared, I took him home and fed him and talked sweet to him till I earned his trust.

After finding a foster home for Russel I took him to the vet, got him his shots and got him neutered. Then he went up for adoption. After turning down about 30 applicants for various reasons. He found an excellent home with a retired woman in Milford who I believe will take care of him for the rest of his life. He is the sweetest little dog. I got very attached to him, he was so sweet is was easy. Very expressive face and so fragile. I was very glad I could help him.




A picture is worth a thousand words, can you image why he was named RESCUE? This dogs wounds and suffering are apparent. He is the picture of why I do what I do. This is of course, a fought pitbull, he was left for dead in an abandoned house, full of bite marks from ear to tail. When I walked in the abandoned house, this battered and bitten, starved to death dog actually wagged his tail at me. Even after all he had been through.

It began with a call early Saturday morning from another rescue worker that had gotten a tip that this dog was seen. I was closer so I agreed to go see him. I canceled all the plans I had for the day with my family but knew in my heart that this was a trip I had to make.

After seeing Rescue with my own eyes I couldn't believe it my self. I got help from two special pitbull rescuers to get him out of the house. He was weak but very people friendly. Off to the vet he immediately went. He was in very bad shape but nothing that couldn't be fixed. After a week at the vet it was time to go into a foster home. A special couple that is working with his temperment so that he can permanently be placed in a safe and loving home.


BAYER-BAYER This is another stray dog that I rescued from going to the SPCA. He was sleeping on top of a trash heap on a back country road. I would go daily and feed him to try to coax him to come to me. He was very leery of people but befriended a boy who lived on the street. The boy was able to get him and handed him over to me.

I got him his shots, got him neutered and when I brought him home my husband fell in love. He's been there ever since. He is a very faithful dog and an excellent watch dog. He gets along with all our other animals and has a fun-loving temperment. He's got a face that makes you smile. Why anyone would want to mistreat or disguard a dog like him I can't imagine.




For several weeks people had been seeing a pair of pit mixes wondering near Route 54. I tried several times to coax the two into coming to me with no luck. Frustrated and knowing that some chicken farmer would shoot the two if they weren't caught - so I purchased a dog trap. Once the trap was set within 15 minutes this one, we called Brandy was caught. She was sweet pit mix, with a great temperment. She was fostered for sometime until I could muster the money up for her to get spayed. When I took her to the vet I found out she was already fixed. The day she was released from the vet she was placed with a loving family in southern Delaware. She lives a good life with family and two canine companions to play with.



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Get Your Pet Spayed or Neutered.

You can save thousands of lives by neutering just one animal.

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