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T.N.R. Trap, Neuter & Return

Delmarva Cat Connection primarily focuses on the reduction of the feral and stray cat population and the adoption of non-feral cats & kittens. We gladly are willing to help anyone who has a growing cat colony trap the current residents, get them spayed or neutered and release them back to their colony so that they can be cared for. If you or or know of someone who needs help in reduction of a maintained colony please contact us.

Currently we are working on three major colonies. One in Pittsville, MD, Bishopville, MD and the other at Uncle Willies on Rt. 54. If you would like to allocate donations to these helpless homeless cats please click here.


Delmarva Cat Connection has several cat colonies that are fed on a daily basis. There is a variety of places where feral cats are found, every where from town limits to wooded areas to housing developments to convenience store parking lots.


Delmarva Cat Connection frequently finds kittens and domestic cats that are able to be placed in homes with responsible pet owners. We keep a current list of adoptable kittens on under the Delaware listing of Lost & Found of Delmarva. Or you can contact our adoption expert Charlotte at 410-352-3466. Our kittens have their first shots and have been de-wormed. All adults are already spayed or neutered .


Delmarva Cat Connection has several foster homes that help us care for the many kittens that come our way. Our foster homes help socialize a kitten that has been born in the wild, they medicate sick kittens and sometimes when neccessary bottle feed kittens that were abanded by their mother too early to be weened. If you think that you or someone else you know would make a good foster home please contact us, we provide food and medication and find permanent homes once they are ready to go.

Get Your Pet Spayed or Neutered. You can save thousands of lives by neutering just one animal.
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