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1998 World Amatuers

Allicante, Spain

October 15th, 1998

Here is a small scrap book of photos from our trip to Allicante, Spain. It was another exciting trip overseas. Unfortunately I did not place as high as I wanted. This time out of 27 "Excellent" Europeans I placed 12th. Writing about it now doesn't seem as bad as it did when I was there. I was so heart-broken cause I thought I looked the best I ever had before.

As a whole Team USA did well - Pam Kusar placed 4th in the lightweights, Kristy Kelly placed 9th out of 15 in the middleweights and Kelly Ryan also did very well in the short class fitness and placed in the top 5.

Spain was a beautiful old country, our hotel was right on the beach. Allicante was a lively party town with lots of shopping, music, and tons of places to eat, but I did not care for the food at all. I ended eating at a Burger King after the contest.

Team USA 1998


Here we are at the hotel pool posing for Ralph Dehaan with Womans Physique World. Steve Wennerstrom is just feet away taking photos of some of the awesome Europeans you'll be seeing in an upcoming issue, I'm sure.


The Heavyweight Lineup


This picture (thanks to Pam & Jerry Kusar) was taken at prejudging and shows the final 15 cut. I'm in there somewhere but it just isn't "happening" for me!

I'm toward the middle-left 3 girls. The Winner is the second girl on the right end in the light blue suit. She was from Spain and was truly deserving.


The View


This is the view Kristy Kelly had from her balcony. The whole country is on the coast and there were ports that docked 1000's of boats everything from sailboats to Princess Cruise Lines.

photo by Kristy Kelly

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