1997 Team Universe

Heavyweight 1st

(No doubt the FATest I've ever been in competition. Lucky I still won my class.

photo by J.M. Manion
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14th Annual Womens World Amatuer Championships

Brataslov, Slovackia

Left to Right:

(Gina Marie Hall, Peggy Schoolcraft, Cheryl Vasquez and Fitness competitor, Cynthia Darmer)

photo by Ralph DeHann
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1997 World Championships

Brataslov, Slovakia

(This body is ranked #9 in the World!!)


This trip to the World Amatuers was a blast, our whole team had an excellent time. And a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Peggy Schoolcraft who after 8 years of competitng she snagged her Pro Card here at the World Amatuers, she looked really awesome and literally blew the other competition off the Lightweight Stage.

Slovakia was my favorite trip. The plane ride didn't seem as long, I felt like I got noticed by the judges (too late but got noticed) and the team as a whole enjoyed ourselves. I saw part of the country on foot. Small country about the size of Kentucky, we had to fly into Austria and then drive across the border to Slovakia (once part of Checkloslvoakia). Their language was impossible to decipher. Even trying to explain you needed a bathroom was difficult. It was kinda dark, dismal, clammy and poor. Very little stores and shopping. Their money was really worth very little so you could go out and eat a 5 course dinner for under $20. Whatever was on that menu anyway I don't really know.

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1997 Nationals

5th Middleweight

Dallas, Texas

In my hotel room in Dallas, Texas getting toready leave for prejudging. (Now this is the most CUT I've ever been, funny how this year I started out competing my fattest and ended up my leanest!) Check out my Quad separation, not bad for a natural athlete!











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